Nya Greene balances art and business

Life is all about balance. Nya Greene, a sophomore majoring in business administration and marketing, finds balance in the amalgamation of her personal passion for the arts and her coursework in the School of Management (SOM).

Creativity has been an important part of Greene’s life for years — she loves to draw, paint and take photographs.

“I’ve been drawing since third grade,” she said, “and I’ve been taking painting seriously since middle school, but I’m definitely better at drawing.”

Art has always been a big part of who Greene is, and she knew she didn’t want to give that up in college. So when she was accepted into Binghamton University’s SOM, she was excited to merge her interest in business with her passion for art.

“I like marketing because of the business side and the creative side. It’s a happy medium between the two,” she said.

SOM’s breadth of resources has taught her about networking and developing business ideas and provided important professional experiences and knowledge.

“SOM has a lot of networking events,” she said. “I think that’s one of the number one things that has helped me.”

Greene also serves on the SOM Dean’s Team, which is an outlet for her to practice leadership, professional development and teamwork skills, in addition to the opportunities the school offers.

Outside of SOM, Greene is involved in several activities that contribute to the school-life balance she strives for. Through the Student Association (SA) she has found several fun and meaningful opportunities, including working at the SA Ink print shop and joining the Candid Photography Club; Binghamton Art Club; and Business, Entertainment, Advertising and Media (BEAM) organization.

Participating in case competitions sponsored by BEAM, in particular, has enhanced her public speaking skills, networking opportunities and leadership experience. Last year, Greene was a finalist in a case competition in which she created a rebranding strategy for the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch to increase its customer base.

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), has also played a large part in her success. From the very beginning, during EOP’s summer Binghamton Enrichment Program (BEP), she has had support, preparation and guidance. The program was rigorous, she said, but it prepared her well for college-level classes and the intensity of academic life.

“We still talk about BEP and its impact,” she said. “It really prepared us for being students here.”

While Greene attended BEP virtually due to the pandemic, she forged strong relationships with the peer counselors and academic advisors she met, as well as her peers in the incoming class.

“We all had a group chat to try to connect and talk to each other,” Greene said. BEP ensured she would see friendly faces around campus once she arrived for the fall semester.

Greene is also grateful for her mentor, Karima Legette, the director of EOP.

“It’s so amazing to work with her,” Greene said. “I love Karima.”

Greene knows she can go to Legette for everything from advice on academics to support for personal situations that arise.

“She’s very helpful. She’s very insightful,” Greene said. “I love talking to her. She always has a solution for something, and if she doesn’t, she’ll go ask about it. She’s very proactive.”

Greene credits EOP and the academic/social balance she has created as major contributing factors to college career success.

“Outside of academics, join clubs or find friends you can relate to that make your time enjoyable,” she advised.

After college, Greene wants to extend her love for art and enter the entertainment or gaming industry as an art director.

“I’m a big gamer,” she laughed. “I want to see behind the scenes. I want to be in the environment of my hobbies.”

But for now, Greene is still a student making memories and enjoying college. She especially enjoyed the Gunna concert hosted by the SA last spring and all of the time she’s spent with friends.

“You have to make your own fun,” she said.

For Greene, that fun is made possible by balance. Work hard and play hard, she advised, to reach your optimal potential.