Software Engineer Launches Black-owned Vegan Cheese Business

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Vegan mac and cheese

While there are plenty of tasty alternatives to butter, milk, and even ice cream, nailing the flavor and consistency of cheese in a vegan format has been notoriously difficult.

With that being said, there’s no shortage of companies trying to crack the code, and Eat UNrestricted is one black-owned business throwing its hat in the ring. CEO and co-founder Dianna King, a software engineer by trade, decided to pursue her love of food by creating quality products for vegans, people with food allergies, and consumers looking to improve their health.

From Programming to Plant-Based Cheese

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, entrepreneur and vegan Dianna King is a food connoisseur who saw a rising demand for high-quality, healthy, vegan food and decided to take action. After earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, King entered the field of engineering, but she remained committed to starting a plant-based food business.

King became a vegan after watching her father lose his battle with cancer and wondering if he might have fared better with greater access to a plant-based, alternative diet. Eat UNrestricted offers pre-packaged items like Better Cheddar and vegan mac and cheese and a slew of other popular recipes, from delectable Vegan Sausage Hamburger Helper to a Vegan Mushroom Melt and more.

Vegan, Black-owned Food Company Trends

King isn’t alone among black-owned businesses looking to make a difference in the food industry and the world. Companies like Choose Life Foods, Coco Luv, A Dozen Cousins, Mac & Yease, and Oaté are serving up vegan alternatives to meat, cheese, dessert, and every facet of the dining experience in a bid to bring authentic flavors to the food market while doing less harm to the planet.

People seem very interested in vegan alternatives as well. In 2021, “plant-based” was named category of the year by market data platform 1010data. The category displayed a 199% year-over-year growth in online retail. Additionally, according to Allied Market Research, the vegan food market size is anticipated to reach a whopping $36 billion by 2030. 

It’s no surprise then that the entrepreneurs leading the way in opening vegan businesses are finding such success. It’s also great news for any consumer looking for different, healthier options. 


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