The Best Communication Tools for Business in 2022

The Best Communication Tools for Business in 2022

The demands of every contemporary workplace are changing along with the current business environment. Employees can now stay connected to their jobs from anywhere because of the growing domination of technology and automation in every industry.

An important result of this contemporary workplace trend is that it has made employees realize the value of team communication. Effective team communication is now a crucial component of all we do. Additionally, it has spawned a variety of potent tools for engagement and communication in the workplace. However, with so many communication tools today, it’s quite hard to pick one for your team.

There is actually no one-size-fits-all communication tool, though. But, there are a few who have more helpful features than others, which make them stand out the most in the market. If your team is in need of a new communication tool for more productive days ahead, here are some of the best we’ve seen in the market that you might want to give a try.

The project management app ProofHub tries to be straightforward without sacrificing essential capabilities. It excels at facilitating visual material collaboration and is reasonably priced for small teams. ProofHub does not offer every function known to man. It lacks tools for managing resources, billing, or budgets (although you can integrate with accounting software if needed).

On the other hand, you can quickly become proficient with all of the tools it offers after starting. The user interface could be a little more user-friendly, and pages occasionally take a while to load. For teams who need to advance projects containing visual elements, ProofHub is a great project management tool. But, of course, it also serves as a good communication tool for teams.

What’s more, ProofHub expanded its language capabilities as well, making it a more universally usable app. You can now select Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Taiwanese Mandarin, or Turkish as your preferred language. Due to the fact that ProofHub has a fixed monthly fee regardless of how many users there are, the cost is reasonable for a small and expanding team.

A unique and effective element of the messaging software Chanty is its emphasis on tasks and work. The Tasks button is really given significant placement in the upper left corner, above any conversations.

Chanty has a peculiar quality, and it has nothing to do with the fact that her name is a pun on the term “chantey” (e.g., a tune that sailors used to sing as they worked). Chanty surprises you by putting tasks first rather than teamwork conversation. Giving your team members duties to complete and then communicating with them about those tasks is the whole point.

But it’s distinctive in a positive manner. You have to become used to the UI of applications like Flock and Glip before you start missing how Slack or Microsoft Teams appear and work. With Chanty, you gradually become used to the user interface and begin to enjoy the novelty. The application appears to have been created for software development teams.

The Kanban framework, a workflow management system, is mentioned by Chanty on their website and is used in programs like Asana and Trello. All of this indicates that Chanty is a more somber project management and communications tool, even though it has a humorous approach with a bot named Rufus that aids in feature discovery and a clear, practical UI with vibrantly colored buttons. The core idea is that working on a team project or writing code may be enjoyable.

Numerous features, such as close integration with other Microsoft products, are offered by Microsoft Teams. If your company uses Microsoft products, this team messaging and video calling software is a smart choice.

Teams, a Microsoft product that combines video conferencing and business messaging, is comparable to IKEA’s self-service area. You can probably get through it easily if you are familiar with how it operates. However, if you’re a customer arriving from the showroom, it can take you some time to locate the correct aisle, bin, and shelf where you’ll eventually grab a plain box that hopefully contains everything you need. Who actually knows, though? As long as you know how to find anything, everything is where it should be. Similar to Microsoft Teams, it is neat and well segregated but difficult to use.

To find a chat, you might need to go across four layers (Teams > Team > Channel > tab). The number of places you might need to go to gather information or get answers to questions grows exponentially each time you create a new Team within Teams. There are numerous locations to have chats with coworkers on Microsoft Teams, along with numerous tools and sophisticated capabilities.

Troop Messenger is a single platform for business communication created to improve team efficiency and collaboration. All internal company communications are centralized, enabling managers and team members to communicate with one another, assign tasks, provide directions, exchange ideas, and collaborate without the use of different, disjointed communication platforms.

Troop Messenger makes it simple for you and your team to communicate about the status or development of your assignments and projects in real-time. Troop Messenger provides a number of avenues for communication, making it simple for everyone to connect and communicate. Your instructions and thoughts are welcome over chat. You have the option of sharing your screen with your audience during a demo or presentation to make your point, or you may invite them to a video conference.

Troop Messenger enables you to communicate with your team from any location, whether you’re at work or on vacation, using any device. You can communicate with your team members about the adjustments and ideas you wish to make, share files, and closely monitor your team’s progress.

Wherever you are doesn’t matter as long as you have access to the Internet. Troop Messenger provides you with a reliable and stable communication platform to keep you in touch with your team and workplace so you are always informed.

Troop Messenger is dependable and quick when it comes to security. Without having to be concerned about lag or performance difficulties, you can take part in online demos and video conferences. Troop Messenger uses a clever and breach-proof code to protect the information security, keeping the software as well as all of your chats, interactions, and files safe.

A generous free plan and excellent performance are Zoom’s claims to fame. Although, paid subscriptions provide a host of extra features and are reasonably priced.

Zoom experienced the bittersweet luck of the draw when the COVID-19 epidemic hit in a capitalist economy where winners and losers are determined in every disaster. Before becoming a popular term and word, Zoom Meetings (sometimes just referred to as Zoom) was a video conferencing tool that few people outside of the computer world had ever heard of. Nowadays, everyone uses Zoom instead of Skype.

Zoom is outstanding for its simplicity of use, superior functionality, and exceptional stability, whether or not its popularity has increased. Prior to the pandemic, Zoom’s goal was to become an expert in the backend technology required to make video communications less erratic and more dependable, and it has done so.

It is definitely worth taking into account just for its stability. The app is a top pick for social gatherings online that aren’t related to business because of its generous, free edition.

In addition to free group video calling, Skype also provides calling to regular phones, rich text chat, live translation, and, as of recently, bots.

Skype is like the department store of communication when it comes to communication software. Does your organization require video calling? Check. SMS with rich content? Check. contacting regular phones? Check. Real public phone numbers, Wi-Fi hotspots, real-time translation, and programs for all the main platforms? There’s also coverage for you using Skype. The vast list of Skype features now includes artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots.

Skype is available to you whether you use an Apple, Android, or Windows device. In fact, clients are even available for Xbox, Blackberry, Linux, Apple Watch, Android Wear, and the latter two. There is no need for an app.

All in all, Skype has smooth, contemporary UI and good voice and video quality. Although we also used the Preview version to test the new bots, we tested the published desktop version on Windows 10 for our evaluation.

A cloud-based project management tool called Taskworld is made for both small and large teams collaborating on a single objective. The purpose of this application is to coordinate the actions of scattered teams and ensure that no data is overlooked or lost. It makes sure that neither you nor your team would have to be concerned about missed deadlines, clogged emails, delays, or uncared-for customers.

Taskworld assists in converting vague concepts into measurable, goal-oriented activities that make the most of an organization’s workforce and its employees’ creativity. Users of the application can manage tasks using advanced features, including project analytics, improved security, burndown and burnup charts, and burndown charts.

It can also act as the focal point for team communication, allowing you and your coworkers to share thoughts and ideas to help you make better decisions. Creating, allocating, and organizing tasks and projects on time is made easier with the help of Taskworld, which also keeps track of each step along the way.

Additionally, it offers appealing layouts, a user-friendly text editor, and drag-and-drop features. The system enables native apps and may be used in a variety of languages, which helps to address communication issues.

Jive is a multifunctional, web-based solution for managing and communicating at work. Jive has a ton of features and options, on the one hand. On the other hand, both conceptually and practically, it’s cluttered and challenging to navigate. Although it has a solid base, it need more attention.

Business social networks and workplace management solutions tout their ability to reduce internal email, improve communication, and boost productivity. One such tool that employs an all-purpose strategy is Jive. It doesn’t concentrate on a single topic and doesn’t aim to take the place of your current tools.

By offering an online portal, open APIs, and plug-ins for well-known commercial services like Salesforce and Dropbox, it aims to improve communication and assist people in working where they already work. All is well thus far, right?

Jive’s lack of distinct architecture, though, makes it challenging to navigate. It has a really dispersed and disordered feeling, which is not what you want from a platform that is supposed to bring together office talks.

Jive, on the other hand, is flexible enough to conform to your wishes. It could be used by a business to replace its intranet or as a website for internal communications and staff resources. Or it can just be a straightforward optional business social network. It features a chat window, blog features, polling options, debate tools, calendars, and even task lists. But regrettably, it only provides those tools a cursory glance.

A cost-effective online business platform that promotes communication and cooperation is Microsoft Yammer. It’s a reliable professional social network with a few simple task management features. However, it won’t take the place of specialist project-management software.

Microsoft’s Yammer is a private, online workplace social network designed to promote employee communication. Yammer is intriguing to firms just beginning to experiment with providing employees with alternatives to email for conversing and getting work done because of its freemium model—with a respectable array of services included in a free subscription.

Yammer’s greatest asset is how simple it is to use. Many online business platforms claim to be as user-friendly as Facebook, but Yammer is unique in that it truly lives up to that claim. Yammer’s lack of many tools and features for workplace administration, project management, scheduling, time-tracking, workflow monitoring, or other typical business procedures contributes to its simplicity of use. Yammer is part of a package from Microsoft that includes tools and services of that nature, although this tool is essentially just a business social network.