The best laptops for engineering students 2022


We’ve shuffled the order a bit this month; the Google Pixelbook Go is still the best Chromebook available for any type of student, but it’s been shunted down a few levels in our ranking due to its relatively high price. We’ve also still got the newest M2 MacBook Air – a fairly pricey option, but the definitive choice of MacBook for anyone looking to buy a Apple laptop right now.

Elsewhere on this list, you’ll see that we’re championing discrete graphics cards too; for any engineering undergrad looking to run complex software, access to an RTX-powered laptop is a huge boon.

If you’re an engineering student (or will soon become one!), it’s vital to remember that not all laptops are created equal. While having the best laptop or tablet of some description has become a practical necessity for every student worldwide, many learners can get by on a cheap, low-powered Chromebook capable of word processing and web browsing. If you’re in a STEM field, that likely isn’t the case.

After all, engineering students use programs like CAD and MATLAB are resource-intensive, demanding a more powerful laptop to run effectively. A more budget notebook or Chromebook won’t necessarily fit the bill, but it’s important to consider value versus performance when working with an often-limited student budget.